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With the renewed fighting among the five major leagues, the most eye-catching games are definitely Real Madrid and Barcelona's national derby. What's interesting is that the La Liga duo first came to the national derby for transfer before they waited for the real chapter on the field. According to ESPN reports, both Real Madrid and Barcelona have taken a fancy to Dortmund Reina.


Think about it too, in order to fill the vacancy where Neymar left the team. Barsahao, who was ill and threw himself into the doctor, spent more than 100 million yuan to sign Dembele. Since the day the deal was completed, Barcelona has become a laughing stock several times. At first because of the transfer amount and the contract terms exposed by the media, Barcelona management was mocked as being taken advantage of. Subsequently, Dembele repeatedly appeared negative news such as being late for training, and finally his performance improved and frequent serious injuries. All these made the Barcelona fans cry without tears. In particular, his recent act of praising certain inappropriate remarks made domestic Barcelona fans very angry!


It stands to reason that all have been pitted into this by Dort. Should the Barcelona management go around? Who would have thought, and focused on Dortmund's young player Reina, not hesitating to fight Real Madrid for him. The reason for this is obviously because Reina performed well. So far this season, Dortmund has made six goals in five games and his efficiency is amazing. Especially in the game against Freiburg, he staged an assist hat-trick, becoming the youngest player in Bundesliga history to send three assists in a single game. Going back further, Reina also became the youngest scorer in the tournament because of the German Cup. Reminiscent of Reina's seventeen-year-old age, it can be said to have unlimited potential.


It is worth mentioning that, as an American, Reina leans on the vast North American market behind him. This bonus item is also the top giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​because it is related to the commercial promotion of the club. For example, Chelsea had invested 60 million yuan to sign Pulisic before, and they had to explore the North American market. Even if Pulisic's worth is obviously not worth that much money, he is willing to pay for someone. In the same situation, Bayern signed the Canadian Flying Wing Alfonso Davis. Of course, this deal is definitely worth the money. Alfonso Davis, who was originally used as a tool man, has directly become Bayern's absolute main force for the Triple Crown.

值得一提的是,作为美国人,雷纳(Reina)依靠他背后的广阔北美市场。该奖金项目也是皇家马德里和巴塞罗那等顶级巨人,因为它与俱乐部的商业推广有关。例如,切尔西此前曾投资6000万元签下Pulisic,因此他们不得不开拓北美市场。即使Pulisic的资产显然不值那么多钱,他也愿意为某人付款。在同样的情况下,拜仁签下了加拿大飞行联队的阿方索·戴维斯。当然,这笔交易绝对值得。阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)最初是工具工,现在直接成为了拜仁(Bayern)三冠王的绝对主力军。

You don't need to think about it, but Dort doesn't want to let anyone go. After all, the two points that Real Madrid and Barcelona fancy, Dortmund's senior management also knows. In order to keep Reina, the club is ready to wait for him to open a big contract after the age of eighteen, the annual salary will double to nearly 3 million euros. Compared with Dortmund's high-paying retention, it is Reina's attitude that makes Real Madrid and Barcelona scratch their heads. Although he is not very young, Reina knows in his heart: staying in Dortmund can play the game, and can exercise like Sancho and Harland for a few years before transferring. Now I really went to Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with a high probability of becoming a substitute or being rented. Therefore, the national derby, Barcelona and Real Madrid in the transfer industry may be reduced to a lose-lose situation.


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