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When it comes to pork, most Chinese compatriots can’t stop talking. Braised pork, twice-cooked pork, steamed pork, buckled pork... Of the three meals a day in most families, pork is the main player that cannot be beaten. In the ultimate fantasy about New Year’s Eve dinner, pork is almost indispensable. Pork is so important to the food culture of the Han people that many people simply cannot imagine not eating pork.


The most beloved food in China has become a taboo in the diet of professional players in recent years. NBA superstar James has not eaten pork for ten years. Many head coaches have ordered pork to be banned when they took office. Thousands of professional players have consciously stayed away from pork... Why is the favorite pork on the table of the Han compatriots becoming more and more professional sports Contraindications?

近年来,中国最受欢迎的食品已成为职业选手饮食中的禁忌。 NBA巨星詹姆斯已经十年没有吃猪肉了。许多总教练下令下令禁止猪肉。成千上万的职业运动员有意识地远离猪肉...为什么汉族同胞餐桌上最喜欢的猪肉变得越来越职业化而禁忌呢?

For every chef of the Super League team, the team has to prepare two menus for three meals a day. One for Han players and one for Hui players. Not eating pork is just a discipline requirement of the coach for the Han nationality players; for the Hui nationality players it is belief and the foundation of life. Therefore, we often have this question in our lives: Why can't the Hui people eat pork?


This question does not ask about the nature of the question. It is not their ethnic group that decides that the Hui people cannot eat pork, but the belief in Islam. In addition to Islam, Jews cannot eat pork. why?


The "Quran" is a classic in the minds of every Muslim, and it is also their daily behavior criterion. Among them, the fifth chapter of the "Quran" "Feast" specifically stipulates the diet of believers, "People, you can eat all the legal and good food on the ground. Don't follow the footsteps of the devil. He is indeed your enemy. "The third section says: "It is forbidden for you to eat self-dead, blood, pork, and animals slaughtered in the name of God..."


Therefore, for Muslims, not eating pork is an act of respecting the Code and fearing Allah. Pork is an untouchable spiritual red line for every Muslim.


The Old Testament is to Judaism what the Koran is to Islam. There is also a text in the Old Testament that stipulates that believers cannot eat pork. "Old Testament" Lemoss Chapter 11 verses 7-8 says: "Pig, because the hoof is divided into two parts but does not turn back to the young, you are unclean. You must not eat the meat of these beasts, and you must not touch the dead. , It's all unclean to you."

旧约圣经对犹太教而言,可兰经对伊斯兰教而言。旧约中也有一段经文规定信徒不能吃猪肉。 “旧约”列摩斯的第11章第7-8节说:“猪,因为马蹄分为两部分,但没有变回年轻人,所以你不洁。你不能吃这些兽的肉,你必须不要碰死人,这对你来说都是不洁的。”

Why does the Quran and the Old Testament stipulate this? Different eras have different interpretations of these two classics. Regarding the two classic explanations, there are roughly the following: first, pigs like filth, its diet, living environment and even meat are dirty; second, the sex is impermanent. As the saying goes: "Tigers do not eat their children", but once pigs are extremely hungry, they can even eat piglets. Third, pigs are ugly, stupid, sexually greedy, incestuous mating, etc.


There are 57 countries and 2 regions that believe in Islam, and Israel is the main believer in Judaism. Therefore, there are professional athletes from about 60 countries (regions) in the world who regard pork as a religious taboo from childhood to most. Compared with Chinese Han players, they don't need coaches and nutritionists at all.


In my childhood, if I could eat a Shuanghui ham every day, my happiness would instantly increase. During the 3.15 special operation in 2011, CCTV exposed the pig raising of Clenbuterol, a well-known company in Henan Province. Since then, Shuanghui ham sausage has withdrawn from the stage of history. At that time, a reporter interviewed an employee of Shuanghui. The employee said: "If we fail, can Clenbuterol disappear?"


This shows that the existence of clenbuterol in pork and pork products on the market is very common. What is Clenbuterol and why is it widespread? The root lies in human desire: most people like to eat lean meat, what about fat meat? Clenbuterol can inhibit animal fat production and promote lean meat growth.


Most people eat pork with clenbuterol and do not know that they have eaten clenbuterol; professional athletes do not have such treatment, and they dare not eat meat at will. Because clenbuterol is recognized as one of the doping agents by the World Anti-Doping Organization, if you eat meat outside, professional athletes may be suspended because of a positive urine test.


Take the Chinese Super League and Chinese football as examples. There have been instances where players were banned for eating meat outside. In 2014, Abdu’s external force medicine from Henan Jianye tested clenbuterol and was suspended by the Chinese Football Association. In 2016, Shandong Luneng was short of people in the frontcourt and Jin Jingdao was getting better and better, but suddenly received In the AFC suspension list, Jin Jingdao mistakenly took Clenbuterol because of lack of diet management.

以中国超级联赛和中国足球为例。在某些情况下,球员被禁止在外面吃肉。 2014年,来自河南建业的Abdu外力药对克仑特罗进行了测试,并被中国足协停赛。 2016年,山东鲁能在前场人手不足,金景道越来越好,但突然收到AFC停赛名单中,金景道由于缺乏饮食管理而误服了瘦肉精。

As early as during the International Game Day in 2011, the senior officials of the Football Association even ordered the national football team to ban pork. Pork is the favorite for most Chinese professional athletes, but almost every athlete has established such a consciousness that even if he is hungry and hungry, he dare not eat pork outside.


Previously, Sun Yang suffered from the controversy of the doping controversy, and Sun Yang’s mother shed tears in front of the media: “We are very strict with doping. Sun Yang has not eaten pork for more than a decade.” Liu Xiang’s father also told the media "Liu Xiang only goes home on weekends, but he almost never eats pork at home, even at the Xinzhuang base. Clenbuterol is one of the factors considered. So he has not eaten pork for a long, long time."


Swimmer Zhang Lin said bluntly: "For athletes, that is a time bomb! So now we athletes can't eat pork!"


For Chinese Han athletes, it is a bit crazy to not eat pork for a long time; but looking at the world sports, there are many great athletes who do not eat pork for a long time. NBA superstar James is the best example. James said that long-term non-eating of pork is indeed beneficial to his body recovery and improve his athletic function.

对于中国的汉族运动员来说,长时间不吃猪肉有点疯狂。但纵观世界体育,有很多伟大的运动员很长一段时间都没有吃猪肉。 NBA巨星詹姆斯就是最好的例子。詹姆斯说,长期不吃猪肉确实有益于身体恢复和改善运动功能。

Why eating pork is not conducive to the maintenance of athletes' physical function and competitive state? What meat do athletes who do not eat pork eat?


Most professional coaches now recommend their players to eat beef, chicken, lamb, etc. From a nutritional point of view, pork is not bad, but it is not as good as beef.


On the basis of ensuring training intensity, adequate protein intake is very important for athletes to gain muscle (muscle gain is the basis for increasing strength and speed). Compared with beef of the same quality, its protein content is 5%-10% lower and its fat content is 20%-30% higher. In other words, athletes who rely on pork as a staple food, in principle, have slower muscle growth than athletes who eat beef as a staple food, but they will gain more fat.


Studies have shown that high body fat will increase the risk of athletes’ injury and slow down the athlete’s body recovery after the game. James confirmed this in an interview: "This (long-term non-eating of pork) is one of the reasons why I can quickly recover physical fitness and maintain energy."


In addition to poor protein and fat, pork does not have some of the trace elements in beef-these trace elements are also very important for players' training and body recovery.


Linoleic acid can not only help the body maintain muscle mass, but also effectively combat tissue damage caused by weightlifting and other sports-beef is rich in combined linoleic acid. The content of sarcosine in beef is higher than that of any other food, which makes it have a positive effect on building muscle and strengthening strength. In the first few seconds of training, sarcosine is the source of muscle fuel, and eating beef can effectively supplement adenosine triphosphate, so that training can last longer.


In addition, the low level of potassium in beef can inhibit protein synthesis and growth hormone production, thereby affecting muscle growth; vitamin B6 can not only enhance the body’s immunity, but also help the body function recovery after high-intensity training.


For ordinary people, having pork as the main meat for many years may not have a big impact; but for athletes who try to maximize their physical functions every day, if they don’t eat pork for several years or even decades, they may change their body to beef. An unexpected change occurred. Because of this, most coaches replace pork with beef on the cafeteria menu as soon as they take office.


This is not a challenge for Westerners who eat beef and mutton as their main meat; but for most Chinese players, or such a requirement, it is too difficult and difficult.


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